What Ages Do You Teach? I teach ages 6 and up.

How Much Are Lessons? Lessons are $30 per half hour billed in blocks of 4 lessons.

Will You Come To My Home? No, I only teach out of my studio in Lake Zurich. I have taught at students homes before and have found that it is very difficult to give a good guitar lesson. At my studio I have everything I need to teach plus there are no interruptions and the student can really concentrate on the lesson.

Can I Sit In On The Lesson? Parents are more than welcome to sit in on the lesson.

What Do I Need To Bring? Just a guitar and your homework. I provide all the lesson materials and have all the necessary equipment.

How Much Time Should I Spend Each Week Practicing? Studies have shown that practicing 30 minutes everyday is the minimum amount to become competent at playing an instrument.

My Son or Daughter Isn’t Practicing. Should I Make Them Practice? No, please let me know if they are not showing any interest in practicing. Sometimes it is just a matter of finding something they would be more interested in playing. I find that forced practice regimens don’t work and can alienate your child from the instrument.

Do You Use A Specific Teaching Method? No. What works for one student doesn’t always work for another. Each student will have a personalize lesson plan and goal based on the students age, likes and dislikes, and skill level.

What Do You Teach? Younger students will start off with simple melodies like Ode To Joy, Star Wars, Yankee Doodle, etc and gradually moved into more advanced techniques as they improve. Older students are taught songs based on their skill level and the type of music they like. Nothing more exciting than playing a song right away.

Can’t I Just Learn From Watching Videos on Youtube? Sure, I find those can be very helpful but what a video can’t give you is feedback. I can watch your hands, picking motion and technique and make corrections to your playing.

Do You Teach Music Theory? Yes but I gradually work it in as the student progresses. From my experience, unless the student specifically asks, learning music theory leads to boredom and disinterest in the instrument.

What Types Of Music Will You Teach? I will teach the student the music they are interested in. I have taught Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Rap, Finger Style, Folk, Christian and even Electronica / Rave music. There is no style of music I won’t teach.

What Days Do You Teach? Right now I teach Sundays 12pm – 9pm and Mondays 4pm – 10pm. Please E-Mail me for available time slots.

Where Are You Located? I am at the corner of Rose and Buesching Rd near The Landings Apartment Complex. The address is 480 Rose Rd. #110 Lake Zurich, IL 60047