“Dave is a terrific teacher and guitarist. His students are always well prepared and great players. If you are looking for a guitar teacher you won’t find a better one.” – Michael Angelo Batio – Voted # 1 Shredder of all Time and Guitar World Magazine Columnist.

“Dave is great. He knows every Beatles song and helped me learn how to play “Blackbird” the correct way. If you are looking for guitar teacher you won’t find a better one.” Kyle Orton – Former Chicago Bears Quarterback.

Thank you so much for teaching Alex how to play her guitar the past year!  She’s really enjoyed her sessions with you and I love hearing her play it at home. – Melinda G

“Dave is an amazing teacher! My daughter learned so much from Dave. She blossomed into a real guitar player, and we owe it to Dave. She is even playing in a band now!” – Suzanne Weiss

“Hi Dave,

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the many instructional years Joey Pliskin has taken guitar from you. He fronted his band, On the Fly, during his years @ Stevenson High School. His band has played all over the northwest suburbs. The guitar work he has learned from you has been absolutely outstanding! He is a shredder on the fret board, many thanks to you. The technical aspect to your teaching is achieved with both your patience and totally in-depth understanding of music and this instrument. You are a wealth of knowledge and I do know that Joey has constantly picked your brain. I’m amazed you haven’t yet made it ‘big time’ every time I see you perform!

Joey is now in his freshman year at The Ohio State University and is, of course, continuing to play while in college. I am most certain he will hook up with some musicians there and form a band as guitar is engrained in his soul.

Once again, thank you so very much for all of the instruction you have given Joey. You are an aficionado and the absolute best!” – Sandy Pliskin

“Dave is a wonderful instructor for all levels and ages. My 11 year old son and my husband both are students and are both challenged, motivated and enthused each week! Dave gave my son great performance tips when his band was playing in a talent show. We have referred Dave to many friends and will continue to do so!” – Robin M.

“I have been taking guitar lessons with Dave for the past 6 months. I have learned a ton of stuff. I started playing guitar 3 years ago and have had 3 different teachers and they where all good, except Dave has taking me to the next level and he is a very easy going guy and explains everything to you.” – Rick Vodicka

“Dave is a remarkable musician as well as an outstanding teacher. Prior to working with Dave, I went through three different guitar teachers who really didn’t take me anywhere skill-wise. Dave immediately assessed where I was at and tailored his lessons to my skills and interests. Dave has such a range of styles under his belt from blues, country, folk, classical, pop, punk, metal, funk and rock – this really gives students flexibility with what styles they can explore. Each week working with Dave brings something new and I’ve grown tremendously as a player as a result of working with him. I highly recommend him and will have both of my sons taking up lessons with Dave when they are old enough to play.” – Nick Meyers

“My son Jim has been taking guitar lessons from Dave now for a few months. He loves it because he is playing all the rock songs that he already knows from the radio. He played a mini concert for our family and he did great. I’m so proud of him. Dave Krater makes it fun and that keeps Jim interested.” – Shelly W.

“I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a teacher that listens to my needs and frustration about becoming a better guitar player.Your passion for teaching shows every time I have a lesson with you. Your kind and patient way of teaching has made me a far better player in a very short time. I have had many other teachers that wanted to teach me what they want to play, not what I want to play. Your instructions are always clear and understanding. Thank you so much for listening so closely. I’m glad I have come to know you over the years.” Sincerely,

Tom Booko
E-mail; askbooko@gmail.com

Look at what people are saying about my sweep picking video which has been viewed over 100,000 times in more than 131 countries!

You’re a wonderful and descriptive teacher. I already know how to sweep, but watching this, one easily sees how good you are at explaining the principles. You rock dude!! – NikkElektrik

Dude, Thank you so much, Finally a lesson where you can actually learn and not feel bad cause you can’t be as beast as the person playing. xD – Darknessabidde

Your a fantastic teacher and your students are lucky. =D Thank you for? this video because sweeping has always been a challenge for me. =) – XxFallingAscentxX

Thanks from Spain, you are the best because the apparent difficult of the technique it’s in the part of pull up, and nobody explains that. Gracias amigo, muchas gracias. – Ruben37

thank you! great lesson! so many great shredders giving lessons out there, but not many good teachers! there’s more to teaching then just being a good guitarist. i think you nailed it. – Shabz131

so i was looking through videos on how to sweep pick all over youtube but couldnt find one that i could actually learn with but then i came across this one and i finally learned my first sweep pick 😀 – teesdalemaximilian

I’ve been trying to understand the basics of sweep picking for quite a while and thanks to your patience and knowledge I’m starting to get it. Thank you very very much! – TerraseruM

Sweep picking has always been the thing to hold me back, i’ve always had trouble grasping exactly what is being pulled off with the technique. thanks to your vid, I feel i have a much better understanding and am on my way to learning sweeping 😀 thanks a bunch, awesome video! – kakashigaiden3

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